Dues & Fees

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Aircraft Wet Rates
Tail No. Airplane Type Cost/hr
N786FM Cessna 152 $78.00
N787FM Cessna 152 $78.00
N788FM Cessna 152 $78.00
N781FM Cessna 172P-180 $108.00
N782FM Cessna 172P-180 $108.00
N783FM Cessna 172P-180 $108.00
N780FM Piper PA-28R-201 $144.00
N8429A Dakota PA-28-236 $165.00
These rates are reduced by 5 or 10% if the renter purchases block time (see below).
Membership Fees
One-time Initiation Fee: $40.00
Monthly Fee: $30.00
Dues may be paid annually ($360) or by automatic deduction
Other Costs
Instructor Fees: $40.00/hr.
Block Time:
  1. Purchasers of prepaid BLOCK TIME (BT) will receive a discount on the rental of FMFA Aircraft. When you make a minimum deposit of $600, your BT account is credited with an additional 10% if the deposit was made by cash or check, or with an additional 5% if made by credit card. Then when you fly, your account is charged for the amount shown on the flight invoice. BT funds cannot be used for other purchases.
  2. You must not allow your balance to go below zero. You must monitor your balance by checking the Block Time Balances notebook kept with the aircraft black books, and prevent negative balances. Deposits made on the day of the flight will be added to your account before any additional flights are charged to your account."
FMFA Specials
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