Lee Annapolis Airport (ANP) Procedures

  1. Click Mic on Multicom (122.9MHz) three times for the AWOS to get winds, weather information regarding Lee
  2. Orange Triangles installed 1/3 of length of useful runway length for Runway 12 and 30. One Triangle is installed flush with the runway on each side. If you have not touched down by this point GO-AROUND !!!!
  3. The Wind Tetrahedron has been repaired and is operational. Use it, as well as the Lee AWOS, to determine the proper runway at Lee to use
  4. Remember that the useful runway length at Lee is 2100 ft, so make sure that your approach airspeed is proper
-- Carpenter 4/11/10

Kentmorr Airport (3w3) Procedures

Kentmorr [3w3] is a grass runway located on Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay and is open to the public. There is a restaurant nearby and a flight to 3w3 for lunch is an excellent out dining venue. The instructions for Kentmorr are contained AircraftClubs in the My Club tab under Files.
-- Carpenter 7/20/10

FMFA Aircraft Fuel Purchases Away from Tipton by FMFA Members

All FMFA Aircraft Fuel Purchases by FMFA Members for FMFA Aircraft away from Tipton are reimbursed at the current fuel rate FMFA is charged by Tipton for Tipton 100LL Avgas [$0.40 less than Tipton pump price].
-- updtd 3/1/16 Grady/Yokanovich/Carpenter

Wilmington, Delaware TFR

VP TFR at Greenville, DE near DUPONT VORTAC (DQO) [Greenville is a suburb of Wilmington, DE] TFR 1 NMR SFC to 1500 AGL DQO vor 005 deg radial at 5.4 nm Lat:3946'05"N, Lon: 7537'04"W per FDC NOTAM 9/3124. Start: Jan 27, 2009 at 2334 UTC (6:34 PM EST) End: UFN. Pls also be aware VP flies extensively in/out of KILG (New Castle Airport) and TFR usually in effect 1hr before to 1hr after transit, so pls get a complete briefing from FSS prior to any flight. Also, go to
-- updtd 1/1/10 Carpenter

GPS and Arrow Info CD-Rom For Checkout

Mike Bevan, Safety and Security Officer, has been kind enough to burn a number of CD-Roms containing the GX60 and G430 PC Simulators, as well as PDF docs containing the Arrow equipment user's manuals. Pls ckout from Nick Yokanovich (in his right-side upper desk drawer) for a maximum period of 3 days. Caution: After installation click on Simulator icon and under properties set compatibility to Windows 95 -- Current system "hooks" will cause the simulators to "crash" continuously, otherwise.
-- Carpenter 2/1/10

Telephone Numbers for Potomac TRACON and FSS

Both toll free and local selected POTOMAC Sector as well as FSS toll free numbers are given:
Area Airports Contact Phone
Shenandoah Sector IAD POTOMAC TRACON (866)709-4993
Mt Vernon Sector DCA, ADW POTOMAC TRACON (866)599-3874
James River Sector RIC, ADW POTOMAC TRACON (866)640-4124
Chesapeake Sector BWI, FME, ANP, W18 POTOMAC TRACON (866)429-5882
Washington Hub Dedicated to FRZ
FSS (866)225-7410
Nationwide ALL FSS (800)WX-BRIEF**
(800)992-7433 **
Transcribed Weather ALL FSS (877)484-2799

General FSS Info: -- Carpenter 1/1/10

Tipton Airport VFR EGRESS and ACCESS SOP

A chart of recommended VFR Tipton EGRESS and ACCESS routes is posted in clubhouse and also at
AircraftClubs in the My Club tab under Files.

Request aircraft approaching the airport from the east pass south of the drag strip and aircraft approaching from the west pass south of Laurel Racetrack. Aircraft departing the airport requested to pass north of these points. === This has been coordinated with FMFA Safety Officer Bevan.

-- 12/24/08 Carpenter